why does my wireless doorbell ring by itself

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Have you ever encountered those haphazard rings coming from your wireless doorbell unit?

Especially with wireless doorbells with 2 receivers or more, it can become a really noisy and super frustrating experience.

But it’s not just an annoying occurrence, it turns out most homeowners who have experienced this have no idea why this happens.  Me included!

Sure, you could bite the bullet and upgrade to a video doorbell like the Ring 2 Video Doorbell, but that might not be what you need right now.

So why does my wireless doorbell ring by itself then?

Sit tight and we will discuss why it happens….

Doorbell Malfunction: Why Does My Wireless Doorbell Ring by Itself ?

In order to understand why this particular event takes place, you have to first know the workings of the door chime transmitter and receiver, and how they operate together.

The button of the doorbell is a transmitter that does not contain any wires. Whenever you press the doorbell button, it conveys a wireless signal to the door chime receiver.

The receiver and the transmitter of the unit are connecting on a particular frequency so they can “talk” to each other in an efficient, continuous manner.

If one of your neighbors also uses a wireless device that is working on the same frequency as your doorbell, interference could be the reason behind your doorbell’s random ringing.

As we know, the FCC, or Federal Communications Commission, permits only specific frequency bands for use by the public; hence, changing a frequency for a wireless doorbell might seem confusing at first; however, If you are familiar with the operations of a radio, you know that if you want to relax with your favorite tunes on your choice radio station and you go looking for it, you are in fact tuning the radio to the frequency of the station’s broadcast. This is the way a wireless doorbell’s frequency works.

Due to expenses, the majority of companies make use of 300-433 MHz bands for their wireless doorbell products’ frequency range.

The real time exchange between the 2 units or several units at the same time happens on channels or sub-frequencies inside the provided frequency band. If two units within a close distance are working on similar frequencies, interference can happen.

Wireless doorbells and nearly all kinds of wireless products work within the provided frequency range. Interference is a common problem among those units.

There are steps though where you can prevent this problem from occurring:

You can change your privacy codes for, example, to avoid interference. The majority of wireless doorbells being sold on the market right now often come with channel selectors or privacy codes. These privacy codes can shift the working frequency of the doorbell. The privacy codes located on the rear of the transmitter allows users to manually replace the working frequency.

Modifying the privacy codes on the unit, be it a button or a receiver, will shift the working frequency of the unit. If you have a receiver and a button, you should modify the privacy codes on both items or else they will not be capable of communicating with each other. The privacy codes will help in preventing interference and it will also allow users to deal with other actions like joining up particular push buttons with specific receivers. By choosing privacy codes and teaming the units to their corresponding parts, you will be guaranteeing that the chimes will work as expected.

At times, wireless doorbells will set off suddenly because of a clash with garage door openers or vehicle alarms. Cheaper wireless doorbell systems are particularly prone to this while the more high-end ones have several frequency jammers which help in preventing this concern. Then again, you can change the frequency of the unit and this often helps in lots of wireless situations.

In case you are wary of the functions of the wireless doorbell due to this concern, don’t be. There are solutions to every problem involving wireless systems. You don’t have to ask why does my wireless doorbell ring by itself anymore and can take steps to fix the problem.

These systems are the choice of many homeowners these days due to their advantages. The design is the main reason why many use this system. It is wireless, so it’s non-fussy and safer compared to standard doorbells.

The price difference between a wired doorbell and a wireless model is minimal, and if you count the wiring expenses that you need to deal with when it comes to wired doorbell installations, the total amount invested is on par with some prices of modern wireless systems.

It is also the better option for people who rent homes and apartments due to its being portable, and the portable design.

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  1. pauline vereker on February 17, 2020 at 5:34 pm

    Hi I have a Xsmart wireless video doorbell which I can put batteries in it. also if I want connect my exciting wiring to the bell but can anyone tell me can I wire it to my existing wire plus use batteries