How To Put Your Old Technology To Good Use

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An old piece of technology, like an old television set or a phone, still has a lot you can do with it. You can do many things with technology once it is no longer functional enough for you to use anymore. Maybe you have been given something from a relative recently and want to use it since they aren’t going to anymore.

When technology stops being useful for you, it is sometimes best to throw the pieces away. Believing this will help save the environment seems to be a common misconception. We have some practical ways of continuing to use this technology to benefit the environment.

Sell your old technology.

Sell your old technology to minimize your environmental impact. Whether it’s an old laptop or a broken phone, there are many ways to give them new life rather than just trashing them.

Most of us have something lying around the house that doesn’t work anymore, but you might be surprised at how much money you can raise if you sell it on instead of letting it collect dust in your loft.

If the item is in working condition, try selling it online or at a local secondhand store. It could make for more extra spending money. However, if the item comes with personal information like banking information, passwords, or photos, you should always wipe all the data from it. You can use these items on eBay, best buy, amazon, craigslist, or whatever online site you prefer.

Donate your old technology

You can donate to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). The NCADV is an organization that helps victims of domestic violence by providing access to resources and building up programs.

Every year, many electronic devices find their way into landfills. Because the lifespan of a smartphone is only two years, there will be over 9 billion old smartphones sitting in storage within the next five years.

Donating your old technology is a great way to put it to good use, and you can also receive a tax deduction for donating money or property to charity.

Donating old technology can also be an excellent way to recycle electronics that are not being used anymore. Not only will you help the environment, but you will also get rid of items around your home or office that are just taking up space.

Recycle it

With the advancements in technology, they release almost new smartphones every year. While these devices are typically better than previous models, many people stick with their old smartphones because they are not worth the money to upgrade. What do you do with your old smartphone? Many choose to keep it around until it stops working altogether, while others prefer to recycle it.

If you choose to keep your old smartphone around, be sure not to sell it or give it away until the device is completely broken. This means that you should turn it off and remove its battery before allowing anyone else to use it or hold onto it for you. Once the device has stopped working, please do not attempt to repair it or sell it. 

While they can reuse many smartphone parts, the lithium-ion batteries found in smartphones cannot. A new battery will cost you more than it is worth, and even if you’re able to find one for free on a website like Craigslist, you’ll need to rebuild your old phone with recycled parts and void any warranty that may still be valid. Recycle it instead.

When you buy a new device, the manufacturer recycles the old one for you. Check with your manufacturer to see how they recycle their products before throwing yours into the trash or selling it back to them without adding a fee. Many newer smartphones can be recycled in exchange for store credit at places like Amazon and Best Buy. Of course, you can also recycle broken smartphones at many electronic stores like Best Buy.

Transplant it

If your old smartphone is still in working condition, consider “transplanting” its parts into a new device. This process involves taking the screen, battery, and camera from an older phone and transplanting them into a newer phone. You’ll find the transplanted parts to be better than your old ones and you’ll save money as well.

If you’d like to transplant your smartphone parts, start with a broken device that is the same model as yours. If it has been dropped in water or suffered other types of damage, consider that when purchasing a replacement part. The screens of most smartphones are generally the most expensive components, as they tend to be what breaks first.

pile of old phones and tech – don’t just throw them in the bin!

Use a trade-in arrangement

Battering old technology for another is an excellent way to pick out both the new and old features. Although there are also trade-in offers available, they can be unreliable, especially when bought online. Take trade in offers for phones, for example. If you buy it online, there are no refunds if the product doesn’t meet your expectations. So, it is better to trade it in on your own. 

There are many ways you can trade-in your old technology, but the best way is to exchange it for cash. While trade-in offers give you money towards another product or service, trade-ins usually get close to the market price of used products, while some even offer better prices than their new counterparts.

Transfer your software subscriptions

Once you upgrade to a new piece of technology, it’s essential to transfer all the software subscriptions you purchased onto your new device. This is especially common with Apple products where iTunes account information must be updated for your apps and music to work correctly on a new appliance.

To transfer your software subscriptions, you must have some portable storage device, such as a USB drive or an SD card. The best thing to do is backup all your essential files and then format the old machine so that it’s ready to be disposed of properly. This will not only keep your data safe but will allow you to carry all your files with you on the new device.

Erase your data and properly dispose of old technology.

There’s a lot that can still be reused or recycled from smartphones to old laptops, setting a new standard for recycling in your community and beyond.

Delete your data before recycling or donating an old device. Guard your privacy and protect confidential information by deleting personal information, such as financial details, addresses, and passwords from hard drives and memory cards. This also applies to mobile phones that have SIM cards with personal data in them (you’ll need to remove the SIM card before recycling your phone).

To delete data from a hard drive, locate and run Disk Utility (it’s different depending on the operating system), then select your disk and select “Secure Erase.” This erases all available space and overwrites it until no trace of the original information remains.

Alternatively, if you’re working with a smartphone or tablet, bring it to a third-party phone recycler like Gazelle or TechForward, who will adequately wipe and dispose of your device.

Your old technology collection can be put to good use for many different reasons. Many times, there are things around the house that you no longer need or aren’t currently using, but they can still be helpful to someone else. From using old phones to take pictures of your travel adventures to using old gadgets for repurposing projects, the above are some ways you can put your old technology to good use.

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