what is a wireless doorbell

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Back in the old days, our ancestors used a door knocker as a way for visitors to proclaim their arrival. Then came wired doorbells, a more advanced alert system made available for home use.

The standard doorbell though, was upgraded and this paved the way for the wireless kind, which we will be discussing today.  What is a wireless doorbell system? Is it indeed a step up from what our ancestors were used to? You will find out through this article.

Doorbell Basics: What is a wireless doorbell?

The form and structure of a wireless doorbell are its primary features. Due to its construction, the use of bothersome wiring setups is avoided. The unit comes with a transmitter that transmits a coded signal whenever the button gets pressed. This makes for an easier installation as well. All you need is a power outlet where you can in plug the receiver. Drilling holes in the wall is also not needed for the installation, which is another great advantage.

Because it makes for a simple installation, the unit is considered a portable unit. Therefore, it is an ideal doorbell device for people who rent homes or apartments. If they need to move to a new place, all they have to do is take away the receiver from its hook and do the same installation procedure in their new location. A wireless doorbell system can be moved from one area to another, inside the house as well, so they are convenient items.

Wireless doorbells these days have better ranges compared to older models so the size of your home should not pose a problem.

If you live in a bigger house, you can opt for a model that can cover longer ranges. However if you currently own a model that does not accommodate longer distances, you can create a network of receivers that are linked to a single doorbell. This setup will allow you to perceive incoming visitors no matter where you are in the house. You can also get one that has several push buttons that are linked to just one receiver.

Because the wired kind depends on wires, it restricts users to potential areas where they could have the device fitted. Wireless doorbells can be fitted in spots that are a bit hard to reach. The design of the wireless kind also make it possible for companies to tinker fully with the design, thus leading to more variety in wireless models. These days there are even models that come with home security add-ons like infrared cameras, built-in cameras and intercom systems and you can buy them from places like Fooos.

Back when wireless doorbells were first used, they came with expensive prices since it was a new advancement after all. What is the price of a wireless doorbell these days? The prices for such products are more affordable now and only a tad higher compared to the wired ones. If you consider the expenses of wiring required for wired models, the price will come close to the costs of owning a wireless doorbell setup.

The units with intercoms allow occupants of the house to talk with the visitor first before buzzing them inside. Intercoms are a great additional security option in case you have kids living with you since it will let you screen individuals first without the need to open the door. This will minimize the chances of strangers breaking into the house. The wireless units with intercoms are recommended for homes that have children and elderly people living inside.

A wireless door chime really is an excellent addition to your home because of its functionality and design. You won’t have to deal with bothersome wires anymore, and this makes it a safer unit to have around at home, especially if you have kids. The batteries of the unit will need replacement, however, and as far as maintenance is concerned, the setup does not require that much.

Wireless doorbells can be purchased in brick and mortar stores where they sell home fixtures, specialty stores, and online.

There is a wide variety of them online and you can choose from many brands, models, features and designs. Choose something that will fit your needs and preferences and at the same time.

Select a quality, highly functional unit that will also blend in well with your home’s existing décor. Wireless doorbells make receiving and accommodating visitors a hassle-free experience for all occupants of the house.

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