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iDISRUPTED Lighting & Power Wemo – The Missing Manual

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Wemo Troubleshooting: Things You Should You Know

The Wemo Smart Switches and Plugs are a range of smart devices that will truly elevate the comfort of your home and make it amazing to live in. You can set alarms with your lights, create an alert system in case of emergencies and even control your lights remotely. Integrating the lights with Alexa and other smart home systems allows you to use voice command to control the smart plugs and switches. While the system is extremely easy to install and setup, there may be some issues that you might need to troubleshoot. The following is a guide to using the Wemo smart switches and plugs range and how you can overcome the little technical difficulties that might come your way.

How to Setup and Install Your Wemo Smart Switches and Plugs

First things first, remove your existing switch so you can make way for the Wemo Smart Switch. Be careful to take all the necessary precautions while you do this. If you have no experience with handling electrical wiring, it is best to call in a professional electrician. If you do feel confident that you can handle electrical wiring, ensure you are careful. To begin with, turn off the electrical supply of the switch or circuit you are dealing with. 


Once you have removed the existing switch, you can get down to setting up your Wemo switch. There is one green wire (ground), one white (neutral) and two black (hot). Setup the switch accordingly or enlist the help of a professional. 

Setting up the Wemo Switch

You need to first download the Wemo app on your mobile phone (available on Google Play and iTunes store, both). Once the app has been downloaded, look for the wireless network Wemo is transmitting. You should find this when you go to Wi-Fi settings and scan for devices. Once you are connected to the Wemo network, the app will guide you through a few preliminary steps, like the name of your home Wi-Fi network and the password to connect to it. Once the app has connected to your Wi-Fi, the Wemo light switch will show up as a device on the Wemo app. This means the setup process is complete.

Configuring to Alexa and Other Smart Features

To connect to Alexa or other compatible smart home systems, select the “More” tab on the app. It will provide you with a list of options. You can connect to Alexa, NEST and IFTTT (If This Then That) services using this app.

You can also set up a lighting schedule according to your preference. By clicking on the “Rules” button on the app, you can create new rules or delete older ones. You can create rules based on time and based on using an “auto-off” timer. For example, you can make a rule saying you want the lights to come on in your bedroom at 5:10 every morning, except on the weekend. 


With the IFTTT service, you can also create conditions and scenes that allow your smart switch to carry out functions as you set them. For example, a popular use of the IFTTT service is to use it as a panic alarm or to send an emergency SMS to your close contacts. This is especially helpful for the elderly or physically vulnerable. For example, if somebody has had a fall, the IFTTT service will allow you to configure your smart switch in a way that if you press the switch for a long time, it triggers a panic alarm and sends an emergency SMS to the selected contact. This helps if they are not near a phone or cannot get to it. There are several other conditions you can set with the IFTTT service.  

Wemo LED Light Indicator

Every Wemo device has an LED light indicator which lets you know if the device is working or it needs some support. The light will show you the current state of the device. The following are the indications you should look out for:

  • Wi-Fi Indicator Green and Blinking: If the Wi-Fi indicator is green and blinking, it means that the device is starting up or is looking for a network to connect with. It could also mean that it is going through a firmware update. Do not turn off your device when this is happening.
  • Wi-Fi Indicator Is Green and Then Turns Off: If the Wi-Fi indicator is solid green and then turns off, it means the device has found a stable connection and can be used seamlessly.
  • Wi-Fi Indicator Is Orange and Blinking: When the indicator is orange, it means the device is not connected to any Wi-Fi network. You will need to check your Wi-Fi settings to see why this is happening.

Resetting Your Wemo Device

If the orange light persists and your device is not working, or if you need to reset your device for any other reason, the process is simple. For all Wemo devices except for lights, you can reset it from the physical device. For this, you need to:

  • Press the reset button once, then release.
  • Press it again and hold for five seconds.
  • Wait for the Wemo Wi-Fi light indicator to start blinking in orange and green again.

To reset your Wemo smart lights, you will need to:

  • Turn the light on.
  • Then turn it off for one second.
  • Turn the light on again for 3-4 seconds.
  • Repeat the second and third step three times.

The final time in the process that you turn on the light, it will blink four times. When that happens, you know the lights have been reset successfully. 

Controlling Wemo Smart Plugs with a Second or Third Device

The Wemo smart plug can be used with more than one device, which is extremely useful for a larger family. You do not need to rely on only one phone as a remote device. The app can simply be installed and opened on the second and third device, but be warned, it is not without its complications. 

Often, when you open the app on a second device, a setup mode appears and you cannot control the device. To avoid this, you need to ensure that “Remote Access” is enabled on the first device. The next step is to perform a power cycle — unplug, wait for 20 seconds and then plug it back in.

Once you have done this, the setup screen will no longer appear. You can access the main page of the app and use it to make the rules and control the device. 

Pro Tip: If you install the app even before the device has been set up, you are likely not to have this problem.

Common Problems and Troubleshooting

Wemo users have reported some common problems they have experienced with the smart switch and plug range. The following are some of the effective ways of troubleshooting and solving these problems:

Wemo Keeps Performing Rules You Deleted 

If the Wemo device keeps performing the rules even after you have already deleted them, it probably requires a factory reset. You can clear the rules along with the corresponding name and icon using the following steps:

  • Open the app.
  • Click on “Edit” or the pencil app.
  • Choose the Wemo device you want to clear rule for.
  • Tap the “Reset Options” button.
  • Tap the “Reset Name, Rules and Date” button if you are using an iOS device or the “Clear Product Info” if you are using an Android device. 
  • Tap “Yes” or “OK” as required.

Once you have cleared it, you can change the name back to what you were using originally for your Alexa, IFTTT service, etc.


If Wemo App Can’t Find a Device 

If the Wemo App can’t find the device you are looking to connect it with, you may need to reset the device or reset from the app. This is frequently a problem if there has been a power outage. But if resetting does not work either, perform a power cycle (unplug, wait 20 seconds and plug in again).

If Applets of IFTTT Don’t Work 

If the IFTTT applets do not work (as may often be the case after a power outage), you can try the following steps:

  • Open the IFTTT app again and log in.
  • Next, open the Wemo App.
  • Depending on the operating system you are using, tap “More” (for iOS) or “Settings” (for Android).
  • Click on “Connect to IFTTT”.
  • Click on “Connect” on the next page.
  • Finally, choose your Wemo device.

If it still gives you trouble, perform a power cycle and repeat the steps.

Firmware Update Is Taking Too Long to Finish 

The Wemo device will carry out frequent firmware updates to keep things running smoothly. The flickering of the green light on the device may be an indication that an update is being carried out. Before you upgrade the firmware, make sure your Wemo app is updated to the latest version. But if the update is taking too long, there’s no need to worry. In most cases, the screen just does not show the refreshed status so you feel like the upgrade is still going on. If you find yourself waiting for more than 10 minutes, you can simply reset the app and when it comes back on, you will see that the upgrade has been completed. 

If after a firmware update your Wemo smart plug does not work, it needs a power recycle.

Wemo Device Not Detected or Unreachable

If you cannot detect the Wemo device on your Wi-Fi network or if it is unreachable, it may be a problem with the app. As an alternative to the official Wemo App, you can also try other services like the Yeti app. This is not a sure shot improvement in performance but you can see if the network becomes more reliable when you use another app. 


If the device shows that the Wi-Fi light is orange, try to restart the app and see if you have better luck with connectivity. If nothing else works, unplug your Wemo device, wait for 20 seconds and then plug it back in. It should automatically look to reconnect with your home network. 

If Wemo Bridge Shows “No Response” in the Apple Home App 

After a power outage, there is a chance Wemo Bridge may be unresponsive in the Apple Home app. If the device changes the IP address, this problem may arise then as well. To overcome this, you can try resetting the Wemo Bridge on your mobile device. If the problem keeps occurring, you may want to consider switching to an alternative app, like the Yeti app, which does not require Wemo Bridge to control Wemo devices. 

Wemo Dimmer Flickers

If the Wemo dimmer is flickering and not working as you had expected, you may want to check if the light is even compatible with the dimmer. Not every type of light is compatible with the Wemo Dimmer, so you may want to be mindful of this when you are buying a bulb or light. 

You may also want to check that the electrical wiring is correct and there are no loose connections.

Wemo Link Doesn’t Discover My Lights

If the Wemo link does not discover your lights or keeps going off the grid frequently, you need to carry out a factory reset. Also, take a look at your Wi-Fi signal as a weak signal will cause the device to go offline every now and then. 

Final Thoughts

With the Wemo smart devices, your home will become truly intelligent and efficient. The Wemo App alone can make your life much easier and despite some of the ups and downs, and the creases that require ironing, this is a smart electrical system that truly supports the modern and smart way of living. The problems that have been underlined above are some of the issues Wemo users or any smart device users may experience occasionally. After all, a wireless network can also malfunction or require some time to recuperate. So the troubleshooting options will certainly help you have a better experience.

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