Lutron Caseta – The Missing Manual

iDISRUPTED Lighting & Power Lutron Caseta – The Missing Manual

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Lutron Caseta Troubleshooting: Things You Should Know

The Lutron Caseta range is an extremely intelligent and efficient way to make your home comfortable… and smart!

If you are new to the Lutron Caseta family, the following guide should give you a better idea of how to go about installing it and what to do if you experience some of the common hurdles customers face. 

How to Setup and Install the Lutron Caseta Smart Switches and Plugs

To begin with, you need to turn off the electricity in order to ensure that the whole process of installation is safe. In this case, we will talk about the Lutron Caseta range by taking the example of the dimmer switches. It cannot be stressed enough how much safety matters when you are dealing with electricity. You cannot be careful enough, so if you have the slightest doubts about installing the switch yourself and handling electrical wiring, you should enlist the help of a professional. You can use a test screwdriver to ensure that the circuit has been turned off and that the switch is safe to work on. The light on the test screwdriver will indicate that it is safe to work. 


Once the electricity has been turned off, remove the existing switch from the wall. There will be three wires that need to be connected to your Lutron dimmer. First, you will need to connect the green dimmer wire to the ground wire. The next step is to connect the remaining wires from the dimmer to the remaining wires on the dimmer. Finally, connect the last remaining dimmer wire to the wall box wire. Once all the wires have been carefully connected, you can tuck them back into the wall box and place the wall plate into which the switch will sit. 

If you are installing the new dimmer next to already existing switches, you need to have a wall plate that accommodates all the switches. Ensure you have picked out the correct size and number of openings on the wall plate. 

Finally, once everything is in place, you can turn on the circuit and see how the dimmer works!

Pro Tip: It will be helpful to set up the Smart Bridge (which comes with most Caseta starter kits) before you begin the process of installing the switch. Lutron devices require you to use the Smart Bridge when it comes to connecting or integrating with most smart home systems. Especially if you want to use the voice command option on Alexa along with your Lutron switches and plugs, you need the Smart Bridge. 

To connect the Smart Bridge, you need to take the included power and Ethernet cables and connect them to the hub. You can then plug the free outlet for power and the Ethernet cable can be connected to an open ethernet port that is attached to your router.

Setting up the Lutron App

You will require the Lutron app to be able to use the smart switches and plugs remotely. Once the app is on your phone (free on both Android and iOS), follow the setup instructions and hit “Accept” once you have read through all the terms. It is pretty straightforward. Once you have accepted the terms, click on “Get Started”. Since you have already installed the switch, you can move on to the next step of creating a Lutron ID.  Once you have created your ID and logged in, allow the app to search for your Smart Bridge hub. You may be asked to press a button at the back of the Smart Bridge, which may lead to a few pop-ups on your screen, asking you for permission. 

Set the time and location, and then select the device that you want to use. Before you can integrate the switch with the app, you will be asked to follow a set of instructions. Follow them thoroughly so the device you have installed can be integrated with the app. 

Setting up the Pico Remote

Setting up the Pico remote is not necessary but most Lutron starter kits come included with the Pico remote. You can go back to the app and once the switch has been added, you can click on “Add Another Device”. Once you have selected that option, you will be taken to another page where the Pico remote will be one of the options to connect with the app.

The app will instruct you to press and hold down the bottom button of the remote for a few seconds until the LED light on the device begins to flicker really quickly.


The next step is the room in which you want to use the remote. Finally, select the kind of device the remote will control — light, fan, a smart plug, etc. Your remote has finally been set up!

Setting up Scenes and Schedules

You can also set up scenes and schedules with the app which will allow the app to control the switches automatically, without requiring any intervention from you. The main screen of the app allows you to access “Scenes” and “Schedules” quickly and with ease. You can set customized scenes which will allow you to adjust the brightness level. The schedule will allow the app to turn the light on or off whenever you decide. 

To create a scene, click on “Scene” and then go to “Add Scene”. Fill in a name for the scene and then select the icon that matches the scene. Next, choose the lights that you want to control and then adjust the brightness. Finally, click “Done” once you are finished.

To create a schedule, you need to click on the “Schedules” tab on the main screen. Then click on “Add Schedule” which allows you to select the days on which you want this schedule to apply. In the next step, give the schedule a name and then go to the next step. Select the lights you want to include in this schedule and adjust them according to the task you want them to complete at this scheduled time. For example, you may want to schedule the porch lights to come at six in the evening every day. Or, you may want the lights in the bedroom to come on in the morning so it is easier for you to wake up. All these schedules will appear on the main screen so you can adjust them whenever you like.

Troubleshooting Some Common Problems

The following are some of the frequent issues one may experience while using the Lutron Caseta smart switch and plug range. You can troubleshoot them in a few different ways — some of the methods have been explained below:

Error While Integrating Siri

Several people have reported errors while trying to integrate their Lutron Caseta switches to Siri. This often happens when you try to use the device in a new setting and require it to forget all the previous connections. When you attempt to connect the system to Siri, an error message appears. Some users found that it helped to use a different Apple device. Even if it is on the same iCloud account, as long as you are trying to integrate the system through a different device, you should not be faced with this problem. 

Often when the Smart Bridge has to forget previous devices and add new ones, it may malfunction. This may be a memory glitch but it can often be overcome by using a different Apple device. 

The Dimmer Starts to Flicker When Reduced to a Lower Brightness

Often when you reduce the dimness of a light using a Lutron Caseta dimmer, it begins to flicker when you set it at a lower brightness. This is possibly because you have not yet adjusted the low-end and high-end trim settings. This means you need to optimize the dimming levels on the switch. It is telling the switch that this is the lowest or highest the light should go without flickering. For example, if the lights start to flicker if it goes past 10% dimness, you can adjust the trim setting so that 10% is the lowest the dimness level goes to. Similarly, you can set the brightness settings accordingly. 


To adjust the low-end trim, you need to press down and hold the ‘On’ button and the ‘Down’ button at the same time, until the green LED light starts flashing. This should take about six seconds. Once this happens, press the down button until they are as dim as possible. They might go off completely, but that is normal. Your aim is to ensure you keep pressing the down button until it is as dim as possible. 

The next step is to press the ‘Up’ button slowly so the lights begin to brighten. The point where the light stops flickering or you’re at the dim setting that you feel comfortable with, long press the ‘Off’ button until the flashing LED light goes off. This should set your low-end trim settings. Repeat the same steps for your high-end trim settings by pressing the ‘Up’ and ‘On’ button simultaneously and then following through the same steps. 

One thing to remember is that you must ensure you are using the right bulbs along with your Lutron Caseta dimmer. Not every LED bulb is dimmable so if you are using a bulb that is not compatible, it is obviously not going to give you the desired results and you will be dissatisfied with the switch. 

Unable to Invite a Second Apple Device

To invite a second Apple user to your Lutron Caseta system, you need to first ensure that both the devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Smart Bridge hub. All the devices also need to be signed into iCloud with the Keychain option enabled. 

Now, to invite the second user, you need to go to the Settings menu in the Caseta App. Click on “Siri Integration” and then press “Edit Home & Users”. After this step, press “Invite People”. You need to either type in the person’s Apple ID or you can also select contacts from your own list by clicking on the “+” sign. Once you click on a person’s name, it should say “Invited” next to their contact or Apple ID. 

On the second device, navigate to the iOS Settings Menu and press HomeKit. A message will pop-up, asking you to accept the invitation. Once you have accepted the invitation, the HomeKit should now be visible under “Shared”. Once the invitation has been accepted, the second device should also be able to carry out Siri commands for the Lutron device. 


Switch Does Not Come on

If you find that the switch does not come on, no matter what you try, you should check at least the following things: 

  • If you have no power supply or if there has been a trip in the breaker at some point.
  • If the bulb is in working condition. Chances are it has burned out and since the dimmer does not have a neutral, it requires a load to be able to support the switch.
  • If the bulb you are using is not compatible with the dimmer.
  • If a wire came off when you pushed the plate in while you were installing the switch.

If it is none of these things, there’s a chance the switch is faulty. The Lutron Caseta customer care is extremely efficient and you will probably get a replacement or at least some guidance about what to do with the switch, in no time. 

Final Thoughts

The Lutron Caseta range is truly a modern and smart way of living. You can schedule when the lights come on and off, you can trigger scenes and also control multiples lights and fans with the same switch. You can also set a 3- or 4-way application with an add-on switch or a Pico remote. The Lutron Caseta world is the best way to live a smart, intelligent and efficient life. Once you are introduced to the world, it will be hard to go back to regular, manual switches.

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