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A wireless doorbell is not hard-wired to the electrical system of the home, can be installed wherever your need it and functions when the button is pushed.

Doorbell Installation: How to Install a Wireless Doorbell

Installing a wireless doorbell is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is a little know-how on the step-by-step procedures and a few mechanical skills in order to complete the installation process.

Make sure that the main electric switch is turned off

Since you will be dealing with wires, you need to think about safety first. Turn off the main switch before you touch anything.

Take away the standing doorbell button

Locate the proper screwdriver so you can remove the doorbell button.  If you can find the mounting screws holding the button, you can go straight away in unscrewing them and pulling out the casing. If you cannot find the buttons yet, you can remove the lid first so you can find them.

After finding the buttons, you can unscrew and remove the casing from the buttons of the doorknob, doing away from the wall. For safety purposes, make use of a voltage tester to confirm that there are no live wires. From there, disconnect the wires from the existing button and pin the wires to the wall using a masking tape. Make sure that they don’t fall into the wall cavity.

Make sure that your doorbell is in sync

The wireless doorbell has two main components such as the transmitter and the receiver.  In order to install your new doorbell, you have to sync the transmitter to the receiver. Before you can do this, you need to prepare your app and install the hardware. Professional tip: A reliable app and hardware are a must.

Time to install your doorbell

In order to install your doorbell, the doorbell button needs to come with screws or double-sided tape. In case you are using double sided tape, make sure to clean the area using a wet cloth, let it dry, put the tape on the transmitter and place it on the wall. To make sure that your installation is straight, mark it with a pencil.

If you’re dealing with screws, take the screwdriver and screw it onto the wall. In case your kit has several transmitters, you need to put each on a separate door.  Check if the receiver is placed properly, and is plugged in correctly. If mounting is needed, follow similar procedures in mounting it to a wall or ceiling.

Make sure that your doorbell is working

After you are finished hooking up, plugging in and turning everything on, it’s now time to test it. If it is not functioning properly, go back to the manual and check if you have missed some of the steps. Some of the procedures can be trivial at first glance, but missing them will result in improper installation.  Remember that there are doorbell models that have codes that need to be in sync so the transmitter and receiver will work properly, so make sure that you input these codes accordingly.

Keep your doorbell in good working condition

If you need to transfer the receiver to a different location, you have to pair it with the transmitter, so you will need to check the instructions for your specific device. The same is true when changing batteries in any of the transmitter or receivers; you should always check the old batteries haven’t leaked or corroded the internal electronics of the unit.  These are the main things that you need to do to maintain the condition of your doorbell.


Installing a wireless doorbell can be fairly easy, especially if you take time to read and understand the step-by-step procedures. Although the steps may seem complicated because of the mechanical skills involved, they are actually easy to do. There are videos that you can watch to learn the necessary steps that you should work on.

It will also be helpful to watch a professional wireless doorbell installer while he installs an actual doorbell. He may give you some tips and show tricks on how to do the installation process. Explaining how to install the doorbell while doing it is a nice way to learn how to install a wireless doorbell.

An understanding of the procedures and the flawless application of your understanding can definitely lead to a successful installation. Having said that, make sure to double check each step, and do not hesitate to ask questions if there are instructions that you don’t understand thoroughly. Since you are dealing with electrical wires, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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  1. Tony on March 11, 2020 at 4:00 pm

    The door bell chimes until I mount it to the wall with the screws,I can hold it in place and it works. Is there a reason for that?