GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Switch Review

GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Switch Review

Are you looking to automate your home lighting? Then purchase a GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Switch. The smart switch makes any home appealing because of its amazing design and benefits. Homeowners can instantly switch on or off a lighting fixture or a fan using their mobile devices making it an amazing addition to any abode. In just a few clicks, users can access with their home fixtures with ease.

Many people transition from traditional lighting to smart switch because aside from the fact that boost the value of their property, it also helps them in keeping their home safe and secure. GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Switch allows you to manage your home fixtures no matter where you are, so you’ll feel more comfortable and worry-free when you go to work or a long-term holiday vacation.

If you’re planning to swap your old, traditional lamp to a smart switch with built-in WiFi, allow us to help you decide whether this product is a good option for you.

GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Switch Features

GE Z-Wave Smart Lighting is easy to use and install. You can set up this product even without the help of a professional electrician. This innovative technology can easily transform any home interior into an elegant space because its simple and classic design makes it easy to blend with any wall color or texture. The in-wall paddle switch requires screw terminal installation to prevent electrical wiring issues.

The product also works with all kinds of bulbs so you won’t have to worry about buying new ones to make sure this innovative technology will work. From fluorescent to halogen lighting, GE Z-Wave ensures no compatibility issues. This high-tech product can even control multiple lights at the same time making it easier for users to manage their home lighting fixtures quickly.

This smart switch brand also gives homeowners the freedom to set a specific schedule for turning the fixtures on and off. This feature allows you to customize your settings so you won’t have to keep on accessing your app over and over again.

Moreover, this function will help you if you want your porch light to switch on when it gets dark and switch off during sunrise. You can even have your ceiling fan turned on before you come home every night.

GE Z-Wave has a voice control system to help you access your home network using voice commands. You can manage your home fixtures even if your hands are full or you are on the road. Just assign a name to each fixture and use voice commands every time you need to control it.

This product works well with various certified hubs such as Pulse, Wink, Nexia, SmartThings, Vera, HomeSeer, and Smart Security. Its voice control system works perfectly with various Amazon Alexa devices.


  • Easy installation
  • Remote access
  • Hardwired connections for premium security
  • Works with all kinds of bulbs
  • Allows customized schedule
  • Accessible through smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Z-wave enabled remotes
  • Available in white and light almond colors


  • Requires subscription and hub certification
  • Pricey compared to other smart switch brands


Isn’t it awesome to have the power to turn on and off your home lighting fixtures, fans, and even appliances without actually touching them? That is what exactly this smart switch provides. The most amazing part is you don’t have to be at home to manage your home devices. You can control them no matter where in the world you are.

This wonderful innovation is not only amazing for the convenience it brings but also for the safety and security that it provides. With this technology, you do not have to worry about being outdoor anymore because you can instantly monitor if there’s any light or appliance on at home.


You might want to look at other products first before you purchase GE Z-Wave. We will compare this product to other competitors in the market to give you a better view of its features and attributes.

Linear Smart Switch is relatively cheap compared to GE Z-Wave; however, this product is not advisable for homeowners who would like to manage multiple home fixtures in just one smart switch as there is a risk of overheating when you go beyond the recommended number of fixtures to integrate.

Switchmate Snap-on is also a little bit cheaper, but it is not as reliable as GE Z-Wave when it comes to home fixture management. It only works on Bluetooth and not on WiFi, so this product can only be used if you’re inside the house.


There is no denying that GE Z-Wave Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Switch is a complete package for those who want to keep their property secure but do not mind spending an extra few bucks. This product is not as affordable as the other smart switch brands in the market, but it definitely provides premium quality that you will not find with any other competitor.

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