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Keeping you updated with the best products and technologies in the control & connectivity category.  Tame your smart tech with the best smart home hub, or simply find out what is a smart home huband do you really need a one in your life!

Things have come a long way since pioneering voice assistants like ScarletSpeaking, find out everything you need to know about the latest Smart Hubs, demystify zwave and zigbeeand decide which options are right for you.

The iDISRUPTED editorial team checks the top retailers every day - from Amazon to smaller specialist stores in the home automation & disruptive consumer tech space - to bring you the top 3 deals available.

We only list real deals on great gear and clearly mark whether they are on sale or not, from the stores you can trust, so you can be confident in making your choice and buying online.

Control Bestsellers

Helping you choose the right Smart Speakers and Home Automation Controllers to get maximum control over your smart devices.

From simple commands to fully automated scenes, we help you navigate the options for your home through our curated lists of the best selling products, ensuring you have up to date news on the latest innovations.

Connectivity Bestsellers

No devices are smart if they can't talk to each other!

From fully integrated Mesh Wifi setups to the best individual tri-band Wi-Fi routers, our curated list of the bestsellers update in real-time, ensures you get the best deals on the tech you need.

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