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In 1879, Thomas Edison developed a carbon filament lamp, incandescent bulbs. The Edison bulbs employed a tungsten filament that heated up to 3000 °C to produce warm yellow light. The clear glass housing enclosed the filament, and this light fixture was attached to the bulb base.

However, incandescent bulbs were notorious for high power consumption. Despite high energy usage, filament bulbs had low light output and brightness. Another major con of Edison bulbs was their short lifespan.

For the last couple of decades, light bulbs have constantly improved in their technology and design. We have come a long way from Edison light bulbs. The new LED or smart bulb is brighter as it has more lumens, and it consumes far less energy to emit the same brightness. Also, it’s more eco-friendly, thanks to the longer lifespan of the bulbs. While simple LED bulbs provide bright, warm, or white light, smart LEDs can glow in millions of colors and are dimmable. Smart bulbs are IoT gadgets and work seamlessly with home automation systems.

If we ever compare Edison bulbs and modern LED bulbs, the latter will lose in one aspect only: aesthetics. Edison bulbs have an exposed filament, glow nice warm light, that is calm and gentle to the eyes. When put in light fixtures, they are a sight to behold. On the other hand, LED bulbs are enclosed in an opaque plastic covering to spread brightness, making them anything but aesthetically pleasing.

But, what if we told you that you can have the best of both worlds? LED Edison light bulbs have been around for quite some time now, and these vintage-style bulbs are modern LEDs disguised as traditional Edison light bulbs, the epitome of beauty and utility. So, let us find some of the best Edison light bulbs without further ado.

Philips HUE Dimmable Edison Light Bulbs

Do you want a vintage-style filament smart bulb with seamless connectivity, top-notch features, and the most extended lifespan? These antique-style bulbs do an exceptional job combining the look and feel of Edison bulbs with the power of LEDs.

Philips hue lineup offers Edison light bulbs in clear glass enclosures of various shapes- A19(the old school Edison bulb), ST19(tubular), G25(globe), and B11(candelabra).

All the bulbs have a spiral-shaped smart filament that glows at a brightness of 550 lumens. What’s more, this brightness level is dimmable and can dim from 0 to 100 percent. Also, the bulbs produce a warm white light with a fixed color temperature of 2100 kelvins.

A light bulb less than 800 lumens is not suitable for task lighting. So, these smart filament lights are used as accent lights only.

Therefore, a vintage-style bulb is perfect for decorating an exposed fixture. The variety of filament bulbs makes it easy to decorate light fixtures in the dining room, bedroom, and living space. 

Furthermore, using the bulb is pretty simple. All you need to do is plug the bulb in, download the hue app and connect the two via Bluetooth, and you are good to go. To use voice commands, you need to pair the bulb with smart home platforms like Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. However, you will need to use a hue hub to integrate the bulb with the hue ecosystem and Apple HomeKit.


  • 22 years lifetime (or 25,000 hours)
  • Elegant black and silver base
  • Compatible with almost every platform (hub required)
  • Best dimming performance


  • Expensive
  • Fixed color temperature

TP-Link Kasa Wi-Fi Filament Light Bulb

A more cost-friendly version of hue Edison light bulbs, these filament bulbs offer the same retro look, more features, and better value for money. Furthermore, the bulb is Wi-Fi enabled, requires no hub, and connects directly to the Kasa Smart app. It can also sync with Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant, to offer voice command and automation services. However, the bulb can only connect with Apple’s HomeKit using a smart plug.

The bulb has four vertical filaments arranged parallel to each other. Also, they glow at a brightness level of 400 lumens and are dimmable from 0 to 100 percent. Plus, you can use the app or dimmer switches to adjust brightness. Moreover, the bulb emits warm white light at a color temperature of 2000 K. The vintage-style spherical glass body houses the filament fixture.


  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • No hub required
  • Relatively cheaper than Hue lights
  • Flicker-free dimming
  • The golden base adds to the vibe


  • Requires smart plug to connect to Apple’s HomeKit
  • No tunable light
  • Only spherical glass is available

Sengled Smart Edison Light Bulbs

As a cheaper, reliable, and versatile option, you can use Sengled LED Edison light bulbs throughout the home. So, we recommend 4-Pack vintage-style bulbs if you want to decorate your light fixtures on a budget.

These Edison bulbs are perfect for the dining room or living space as they come in various shapes like candelabra, and tubular. Furthermore, the Sengled smart filament bulb offers warm-white lighting at 2000 K. Also, the bulb is dimmable with a peak brightness of 600 lumens at 100 percent. You can use the app or dimmer switches to adjust the brightness. Additionally, the filaments are vertical and elongated. Moreover, a tinted glass enclosure houses the filaments, adding more character to the illumination.

These LED light bulbs come with a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network which allows them to pair seamlessly with their app, home automation, and other virtual assistants. Therefore, you can control the lights from anywhere using the app. Also, this filament bulb is compatible with Zigbee hubs like Smart things, Hue, etc. If you need one, Sengled sells affordable hubs under its brand name.


  • Inexpensive
  • Available in various glass enclosures
  • Have a tinted glass body


  • Flickers during dimming
  • No tunable lights

Feit Electric Edison Light Bulbs

Like none other in the market, Feit electric offers vintage-style light bulbs which can glow in a million colors like regular smart bulbs. Since they are available in clear and tinted glass options, these light bulbs can work wonders anywhere, whether in the living room, kitchen area, or outdoors. However, this filament bulb is somewhat less bright, with a peak of 300 lumens, and the filament itself is DNA-shaped (double helix).

Furthermore, as far as connectivity is concerned, the bulb comes with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, which seamlessly pairs with all assistants and automation services. Additionally, the Feit electric app is available for ease of use.


  • Tunable
  • Clear and tinted glass enclosures are available
  • Unique filament design


  • Low brightness
  • Flickers during dimming

Amazon Basics Edison Light Bulb

These LEDs are of the best quality, yet they’re affordable. Amazon offers vintage-style bulbs in multiple shapes like spherical, tubular, and candelabra. The bulbs glow at 450 lumens, emitting amber yellow light at 2200k. Their long lifespan and low energy usage make them perfect bulbs for the study room or outdoor space. However, they don’t connect to hubs and are only dimmable using a dimmer switch.


  • Immediately warm up when turned on
  • Low wattage usage while still bright
  • Dimmable
  • Many shapes available


  • Only modifiable through a built-in dimmer
  • In real-world usage, it often lasts a shorter time than advertised 


Light can quickly and powerfully alter our designed spaces’ appearance and emotional effect. Warm lighting colors like yellows and reds tend to elicit a calm, relaxed, and slower pace of action. Apart from being eco-friendly, modern LED bulbs emit brighter warm light, are dimmable, and are long-lasting.

However, these LED light bulbs aren’t bright enough to serve as regular lights, but that’s the point. For exposed bulb fixtures, where the aesthetic is more important than the lumens, they’ll shine (pun intended). A pendant light fixture near the ceiling fan can create an ambient atmosphere with vintage-style light bulbs, and the filaments cast a gentle warm glow that relaxes us subconsciously.

With Christmas and New Year at a stone’s throw, it’s time to light your home nice and cozy like never before. We hope that this article will help you find your favorite vintage-style LED light bulbs.

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