cordless vacuums: are they worth it?

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So, you have arrived home from work and one look at the living room fills you with a mixture of horror and hopelessness. Was it a cyclone that hit the section towards the right or the two dogs who adopted you a year ago? What’s that thin layer of yellow dust over your sofa? What’s that brown patch doing over the carpet?

Will you be doing all the cleaning? Yes, it’s you and you will do it happily and very easily. Remember that your friend, the cordless vacuum cleaner is here. You were right in keeping your friends close. The washing machine, the dish washer and the vacuum cleaner, your three best friends have always helped you, and they will keep doing it for the time to come.

They make life easier and more comfortable. They do it by cleaning things: clothes, dishes and all the other things for you. Today, your cordless vacuum cleaner will work for you.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

What is a cordless vacuum cleaner? Well, it’s a vacuum cleaner that does not need electric supply. Let’s start with the basic term: vacuum cleaner. It is a machine that cleans using the properties of a partial vacuum. We need it to clean houses, things in our houses, cars etc. especially because most of the dust and many parasites that cause deep physiological problems are not visible to human eyes. They are sucked into the machine, away from home appliances, floor etc.

The power needed to run the machine is generally electric. To bring electricity to the machine you need a cord. With the cord come limitations of movement, but before we go into that, let’s have a look at another interesting option. The cordless vacuum can do all that a vacuum cleaner with cord can do, and it does not need any electric cord that limits its movements.

It gets its energy from a battery.There are many types of vacuum cleaner viz. upright, canister, drum, pneumatic, backpack, hand held and robotic. They range from the traditional bag ones to the next generation cyclonic ones. To answer the question whether cordless vacuums are worth it or not, we need to look into the functioning of vacuum cleaners.


Your vacuum cleaner works by using a very simple idea: that air moves because of the difference in pressure. There is a source of energy that runs a motor within the machine. That motor runs a fan at fast speed. That fan is the heart of your vacuum. It’s because of the fast moving fan that the air pressure inside the machine goes down.

So, the cordless vacuum that you easily hold in your hand has a low pressure and the outside atmosphere has a definitely higher pressure. The difference in air pressure creates an air current strong enough to suck small particles within.

In traditional vacuum cleaners dust was stored in a dust bag in the machine before being taken away for disposal. It took them nearly half a century to evolve from bag to bagless technology using cyclonic filters or water to trap the dust from the air to be released from the machine.

Suction is the one basic force that is behind the cleaning mechanism of all vacuum cleaners. Now, the electric power needed to run the motor of a vacuum cleaner with bag and create force enough to clean using vacuum is around seven hundred and fifty watts, give or take two hundred watts from it. The more advanced ones need nearly double the power.

 Advantages and Disadvantages

Now that you see how it works, it’s time for you to remember how it feltdragging a heavy vacuum cleaner around. Look for the source of electricity. Locate the switch. Be careful.

Don’t trip over the wire dangling from the switch board, dragged along the machine! It’s the inconvenient, unwelcome cord that brings electric current to the motor. How to do away with it? Simple: provide an internally stored source of power, read battery.

The ease and elegance of cordless vacuum cleaners make them the natural choice for your modern household. As they carry their source of power within, you may think that they must be heavier and larger than the models with cord. Well, that’s not the case.

The miracle of advanced design makes the cordless vacuum cleaner lighter and smaller than our old friend, the vacuum cleaner that runs on the electric power.

The average weight of a vacuum cleaner with cord is about double the average weight of the cordless one that is today’s choice.So, it’s easier to clean the nooks and corners of upholstery with the hand held cordless vacuum than with a bulky electric vacuum cleaner with a cord.

The slim, light, snazzy, easy to handle cordless is today’s choice. It sets you free. With a cordless vacuum cleaner you can clean anything, anytime, anywhere at your pleasure.

You know so many advantages of cordless vacuums. Lest it makes you think that they are the epitome of perfection, let’s talk about their main disadvantages. The first one is of course intimately linked with their basic advantage, i.e. the source of power. Your vacuum cleaner will work only until charge remains in its battery, and no battery is inexhaustible.

So, it can’t work well for long stretches of time. As far as heavy duty work is concerned, the cordless vacuum is not as trustworthy as its hefty and sturdy counterpart run with electric current. So, for heavy duty or long duration cleaning work you need to choose other options.

Are they worth it?

To sum it up, when you want to clean your car, sofa set or that tight corner to clean which you had to contort your body at seven places, your friend, the cordless vacuum cleaner will be there for you. It’s the right choice even if you are not a veteran cleaner of your house.

That’s because it is low maintenance, low cost and user friendly. Taking it all into consideration, there’s only one answer to the question: ‘Are cordless vacuums worth it?’ Of course they are!

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