6 Smart Ideas To Boost Your Home Security

iDISRUPTED Climate & Security 6 Smart Ideas To Boost Your Home Security

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Innovations and technological developments have worked greatly in favor of enhancing and upgrading different security systems. Most new security systems are now controlled through apps, which can easily be installed on your devices. Access to surveillance cameras, locking gates and doors, opening, and closing shutters and windows, and much more can now be remotely controlled with a simple touch. 

There are no limits to home security systems when it comes to protecting your house from criminal attacks and theft. Different home security systems vary in price and options, so even if you’re on a tight budget chances are you’ll find something that would suffice and still be reasonable in price. Here are 6 smart ideas to boost your home security.

Keep Your Valuables in A Safe Place

With or without a security system that helps protect your house, you should not keep your valuables exposed and easy to find. Making yourself too exposed would leave you an easy and accessible target. For instance, never throw boxes of new equipment, appliances, or any expensive valuables by the door, it’s a very obvious sign that you bought new things for your home. If you have an expensive car it’s better to park it in your garage rather than in the street, don’t do actions that can easily grab attention to your lifestyle and belongings. 

Door Security Lock Code

We all sometimes need to leave a spare key to a family member or a close friend in case of emergencies, we even sometimes hide the key somewhere so they can access our home easily if we’re not around. This is not a safe idea, you need to know that you’re seriously risking your valuable belongings by this act. Any experienced burglar can probably easily predict where you would have left your key and you’d just be making his criminal attempt an effortless one. Having a lock that is programmed with a security code would save you from all this hassle and you can share it with anyone you trust in emergencies. It’s also clever to change the security code regularly for security reasons. 

Don’t Make it Obvious That You’re Gone

When you’re out of town on vacation, don’t make it obvious that you’re gone, especially if it’s a long vacation. Try to keep everything looking as normal as possible, signs of mail piling up in your mailbox, for instance, can be very inviting to an intruder to break into your house. You can ask your neighbors to collect your mail and empty your mailing box daily. Let a friend pass by every other day to mow the lawn or perform any activity that shows that someone might be in the house. Darkness makes your house a target for any criminal attempts, leaving a couple of lights on would give the impression that someone is in there. 

Concealing Features

After all, the best way to protect your house from theft attempts is to make it hard for burglars to enter it in the first place. You don’t have to keep your fences high in order to protect your privacy, it might simply increase the chances of coverage if anyone enters your house, because they may not be clearly seen from outside. Installing window shutters adds to the privacy factor, and you’ll discover that there are premium plantation shutters for every style of home and they can be considered as an efficient concealing feature. They also work as an ultimate control over light. Installing security cameras is also very sufficient for your house’s protection against any intruders. Burglars usually look for easy ways to enter homes, secured homes are not the favorite choice since they can be exposed to problems and confrontations with property owners.

Second Floor Safety Features

While securing the first floor is a priority to protect the house from invasions, the second floor is sometimes an easy entry. You should ensure that the way to your second floor is as armed and protected as well as your first floor. Installing detection devices on windows and adding security locks will enhance your security levels. Using smart light plugs to turn on the lights while you’re gone to always give the impression that someone is in the house is a very useful tip.

Police Inspection

If you’re not sure that your property is well secured against criminal attempts it’s a good idea to ask for a police inspection. Policemen are experienced, they’d know if your house was a potential target for a robbery. They know where the risks come from and the way burglars and criminals think when they plot for a break-in. Any suggestions will be very beneficial and necessary to keep you, your loved ones, and valuables safe and protected from potential dangers.

Your house and belongings are one of your biggest investments, you must ensure their safety as well as the safety of your family and loved ones. To secure your house from break-ins and theft attempts you should make sure it doesn’t have any potential risks for unwanted invasions. The easiest way to eliminate dangers and risks is to make it hard for thieves to try to enter in the first place. It’s always better safe than sorry, taking the needed precautionary safety measures and following essential tips to drive criminals away prevents the possibility of being a target.

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